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YOUFOREVA welcomes you to the world of exquisite jewellery, worthy to frame the sparkle of modern-day Goddesses.
Our handcrafted treasures are made from precious metals, predominantly sterling silver (92.5% standard), with blended incorporations of gold, precious leathers, wood, and of course gemstones. The latter sourced from trusted suppliers and we pay special attention to set natural, organic stones as opposed to synthetic gems.

Not only are we in love with the natural beauty, vibrant colours and unique character of a gemstone but we also treat it with reverence for its magical properties.
The use of different polishing techniques, black/white rhodium- and gold-plating, fuse to create striking, unforgettable and original designs. They have a real value but do not cost a fortune. They have a meaning...

So take a moment and embark on a journey through the fascinating world of YOUFOREVA and find that special piece that talks to you!